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Produced, recorded and mixed by Alessandro Favero

Produced, recorded and mixed by Alessandro Favero



Based in London, Hide Your Mother is a band made of incredibly skilled musicians that write modern Rock music with a dance twist.

I am producing their singles, one at a time, recording them, and mixing them.

"Hide Your Mother to me is the epitome of what a Band should be. Great musicians with exceptional skills and potent Rock music.
I could listen to their songs over and over again!!
Rock Music needs bands like them."

Produced, recorded and mixed by Alessandro Favero

Produced, recorded and mixed by Alessandro Favero


A Record made in nyc

Alessandro Ragazzo's New York happened at Flux Studios, NYC, during intense nights of production and recording with vintage instruments and gear. It was a hell of a week, times two. 

It's a very true record, where the soul of the artist is exposed, a journey we did together. It took me some days (actually nights) to really get to know the deep torments of the artist and understand his personality, so to be able to help him to accurately draw his contour, and then print it on tape (so to speak, as it was purely Pro Tools).


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Currently based in London, I started in Venice as a classical piano player, then moving to synth programming as well, and composition. When I realised that I had a lot more to say when it came to others' music, I started producing and mixing. Since then I had experiences in different parts of Italy, the US and the UK, from smallest to biggest studio situations. The relationship with the artist is essential to me. So let's get in touch and see what I can do for you. From consulting, to producing, recording and mixing.


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by Alessandro Favero




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French Espresso

by Alessandro Favero

Two tracks from my piano solo album. It's completely improvised. Performed, recorded and produced by me myself in person.


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